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U-M rocks.

Saturday, October 30th, 2004

i watched the Michigan / Michigan State game earlier today, it was crazy, a really close exciting game. Michigan, in true form, sucked it up in the first half, and was down by 17 in the 4th quarter. Then they managed to come back to tie it up, so the game went into over time, which after 3 periods of OT, michigan emerged victorious, 45-37.

Of course, damn comcast, with about 3 minutes left in the 4th, they changed over to the WSU game, and the Gameplan channel that was supposed to have the game on had nothing, so we resorted to watching the online play-by-play things on mgoblue and espn. but after the 2nd OT, the Gameplan channel started working again, so we were able to see the touchdown and 2 point conversion by michigan and MSU’s failed attempt to match it at the end.

now it’s halloween party time, i’ll put up some pictures later.

the hottest brother on the block couldn’t cook to this

i ♥ huckabees. medusa’s ok too.

Monday, October 25th, 2004

i went to see i ♥ huckabee’s on Friday. it’s a really weird movie, but it was good and I liked it a lot. very surreal, which i tend to like in movies. It has some good, lily tomlin, dustin hoffman, marky mark wahlberhg, jason schwartzman, naomi watts, and jude law. they all do good jobs, except that jude law’s American accent is not the greatest. half the time it’s good, half the time he’s about to break into his regular English accent.

saturday i went to Club Medusa, one of the clubs that’s trying to create a fancy clubbing Scene in Seattle. With a few people from work, we went to see Seb Fontaine a DJ that one of the guys wanted to see. i guess he’s good, but i don’t know much about DJ’s and i’d never heard of him. Medusa is alright, though i think i’d rather to a different club next time. there were a lot of old guys looking for skanky girls, some skanky girls looking for a sugar daddy, some yuppie guys pretending to be ravers, but it was still fun. really packed though, so we ended up in a corner near the bar. there were some strange people around us, though happily some of them paired up and left us alone. There was one guy who totally reminded me of gary busey, he was being all weird and doing strange things like pretending to grab random people’s noses (the lame thumb between the fingers trick), and was trying to get people to dance.
Anyway, it was fun, but if i’m paying that much, i’d rather go to Element.

got my oil changed, watched the michigan game, spent a buttload of money on car insurance pants of which i only want to return 1 pair, though i should return more. I need to buy more shirts, but pants are much easier to buy and i like pants more. I should just do what irwin does and buy the same shirt in 3 different colors. of course, i’d have to find a shirt i like first…

counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the wardrums

new phone!

Friday, October 22nd, 2004

i finally retired my sanyo scp-4500 and upgraded to the sanyo rl-4920. it’s all shiny and fancy looking, except now i have to go through the old phone and put all the numbers on the new phone, which is a pain in the ass.
but now i have access to: annoying ringers, text messaging, surfing porn on a 2 inch screen, all that good stuff.
but really, it’s got better signal than my phone, which was already pretty good, good battery life (5.5 hours talk time, mine had around 2), plus i can actually send text messages easily, which isn’t that revolutionary, but comes in handy, especially when i get them from friends.
I think I do have to download a new ringer though, the ones that come with the phone are pretty bad.


Thursday, October 21st, 2004

went to another concert last night, this time Yellowcard (with 3 opening bands, one of which was Starting Line from philadelphia). The show was at the Premier, a pretty cool venue down by Safeco field. it’s just an old warehouse that they converted into a music venue with a bar on to the side, but it’s pretty big and the stage is really wide, so there’s plenty of room for the bands, they don’t have to squeeze onto a small stage, like at the Fenix.
It was a pretty good show, despite my having heard Yellowcard for the first time yesterday. Well, there are a couple songs on the radio that i know, but that’s about it. Yellowcard is another pop-punk band, but I think they actually know how to play music for a change, which is nice. There’s a guy who plays violin and he’s obviously been playing for years. The bass guitar player also plays piano, and they opened the show with piano and violin for a couple minutes. The songs aren’t anything special really, but they’ve got a bit more musical quality to them than most pop-punk bands.
It was hank, christine, deven, cristina, jeff, tom, anna, jared and me, and we were most likely the oldest people there since it was an all-ages show, well at least hank and me, the rest are young’uns (how did i become the oldest person in any group? that has never happened before).
There was one couple that was making out for at least 30 minutes straight before we moved into the crowd and stopped looking. well, we managed to find them 20 minutes later and they were still at it.
cib crowd surfed for the first time, but ceballos failed in her two attempts, apparently the crowd didn’t deem her worthy.

anyway, fun show, and it enforces my argument that any concert can be fun.

and, i’m deaf now.

King’s X.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

I went to see King’s X (not to be confused with king sex) at the fenix underground last night with my random concert friend Ben, who I met apparently 3 years ago at another king’s x show. I also went to see dream theater and queensryche with him. he basically goes to concerts that nobody else i know would ever want to go to.
Anyway, it was a pretty good show. Windowpane opened, followed by Dog Bone Syndicate, and finally King’s X went on around 11pm.
Windowpane, like i said when i saw them a couple months ago, is alright, but nothing to write home about. Just regular hard rock, nothing new. they’re not bad, but that’s not saying much really.
Dog Bone Syndicate is a little more interesting, and a little harder rock. The singer sounds a little like the guy from Linkin Park, although only when he’s screaming. Otherwise, the linkin park guy has a much better voice. I wouldn’t mind seeing DBS again, but I probably wouldn’t seek them out or anything.
King’s X though, was a bit better. I’m not a huge fan of their stuff, I rarely listen to their cd’s, but i think they’re pretty good live. It’s just 3 guys, bass, guitar, and drums, but they share vocal duties between the guitarists.
The play progressive rock, and really no one i know other than my cousin knows who they are. I doubt they’ll make it big, but they’re pretty well known among people who know a lot about music.
After the show, the guitarist Ty Tabor was telling me how Jeff Ament of pearl jam used to come to King’s X shows all the time before PJ got big. Then when setting up a tour, PJ were kind of embarassed to ask King’s X to be their opening band, since they had been such big fans before hand.
The bassist Doug Pennick is really cool too. Actually they’re all really nice guys, and they always stick around after the show to talk to fans and sign autographs. I stole a sign from the window and got all three of them to autograph it.
The sign actually says “Acoustic Concert” which was the original plan, and The Mob Law was scheduled to appear, but apparently they backed out or had to cancel, so windowpane and dog bone syndicate had to step in instead.

I’ve got some pictures up, i was kinda fooling around with my camera with different aperture and speed settings so there’s lots of pictures of the drum set.

Dungeon Majesty!!!

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

This is the best thing ever to be made:

Halo 2 is awesome.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2004

From the WSJOnline:

Microsoft Gets 1.5 Million Orders For Halo 2 Game

Microsoft Corp. said that retailers have taken more than 1.5 million orders for a videogame crucial to its long-term quest to expand its market share against Sony Corp. in videogames…

…The 1.5 million is one of the largest number of orders taken for a videogame before it went on sale. By comparison, Electronic Arts Inc., the world’s largest videogame publisher, took more than 500,000 orders for the latest version of its popular Madden NFL game before it went on sale in August…

Kick ass.

child’s play

Monday, October 18th, 2004

Last year the guys at Penny Arcade started a charity called Child’s Play, and they collected $250,000 in toys and cash to give to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The charity was started to show that gamers aren’t a bunch of homicidal crazy bastard, and are actually good people, and that worked pretty well.

Anyway, they’re doing it again this year, bigger than last year. Child’s Play is raising money for five children’s hospitals: Seattle, San Diago, Oakland, Texas and Washington DC. So, donate some toys to children’s hospitals and be a good person.

And completely separate, does anyone have a PS2 i could borrow? i want to play Katamari Damacy, because everyone says it’s the best game ever made. or at least really fun. but i’m not buying a PS2 just for that game.

marco almera

Monday, October 18th, 2004

marco almera is cool.
i bought this poster.

fable, tales of symphonia, paper mario

Sunday, October 17th, 2004

i was playing fable for a couple weeks, it’s a pretty good game. not the best RPG ever to be made, as molyneux said, but it’s pretty fun. I played it through as good, and had a nice halo and butterflies and motes of light floating around my head when i’d stop. i also had 4 wives, all in different towns. apparently polygamous relationships are a-ok in the world of fable. the figiting isn’t the most complex, if you are just a fighter it might get kinda boring. But i was a “spellwarrior” so i used half magic and regular swords (or a giant hammer) which made it more interesting.
It’s not a really long game, especially for an RPG, but honestly i was ok with that, cause I probably wouldn’t have wanted to play it for 50-80 hours, since my videogame attention span is shorter than it used to be, what with having a job and all, and also there being so many games. It was probably around 20-25 hours, but i didn’t do all of the sidequests or open all the demon doors and all that good stuff. I might go back and play through evil, but i’ve got other stuff to play

for example (like that segue?) i got Tales of Symphonia last weekend; i picked it up used from gamestop. it’s a japanese style RPG, which i had been wanting to play for a while (the genre i mean). since xbox has no JRPGs and I don’t have or want a PS2, it was all about the gamecube. ToS is pretty good, not quite your typical final fantasy game. it’s cel-shaded anime-looking and really quite pretty. the story is typical jrpg: “the chosen one,” a girl named colette, has to regenerate the world which has fallen to evil, and she gets her friend/crush lloyd and his best friend, and a teacher, and a mercenary to go save the world. it’s got random religious undertones, but they’re really just a means to an end. the fighting is what’s different, it’s not turn-based fighting (menu->fight->pick enemy, repeat). instead you pick a creature as your target and then you can run up to him and swing your sword, or use “tech” (special moves) or magic or whatever, and you can dodge backwards, and chain up combos. it makes it more interesting and it’s been pretty fun, what i’ve played so far. also you can get up to 4 people playing in battle, each controlling a party-member. i haven’t tried that yet, since most of my friends don’t play games all that much, and the ones that do live in seattle.

I also picked up Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door on thursday. Fry’s (electronicas de fry) had it for $39.99 but i didn’t want to drive all the way down there, but i managed to price-match it at circuit city so it worked out well.
Paper Mario is really fun, and also really nice looking. Like the name says, everything in the game looks like it’s made out of paper, and acts like it too sometimes. You’ll hit a switch next to a ravine, and a big swatch of paper will tear out, revealing a bridge behind it. and you can turn into a paper airplane to fly across big pits, or turn sideways and squeeze between cracks.
the gameplay is fun, it’s a lot like Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga, except bigger and prettier, but it works pretty much the same way. you can jump and use a hammer and use your allies’ special moves to solve puzzles as you’re walking around, and then when you fight someone, it’s turn based, but you have to do actions to make your hits more powerful, like hit A when you’re about to jump on the enemy to do a double hit, or for the hammer you hold left on the control stick until the meter fills up and then let it go to hit harder. little thigns like that, to make battles more interesting. I’ve been playing for about 5 hours so far, and it’s pretty fun.

I think I’ve got enough to keep me busy for a while, probably until Halo 2 comes out in 3 weeks. my xbox will have sit quietly unused until then, and mr. cube is coming out of retirement for a month or so.

Twirling round with this familiar parable