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day after tomorrow. garbage. susannah! full spectrum.

Saturday, May 29th, 2004

I watched the day after tomorrow with the u-m folks, it was pretty damn entertaining, a good summer disaster type movie. If you’re in the mood for a campy disaster movie, it’s pretty good. basically, the hippy tree huggers were right: screwing with the environment caused the coming of a second ice age. and that’s the plot. tornados, tidal waves, blizzards, people trying not to die, cool scenes of LA, New York, Japan, England getting fucked up thanks to global warming. There were some pretty obvious looking cgi scenes, but overall i thought the effects were pretty good. I enjoyed it more than Troy, though that’s not saying much..

Garbage should have a new album out relatively soon. Their website has the album name and track list:

Hands on a Hard Body
Be my Bad Boyfriend
Why don’t you come over
It’s all over but the Crying.
Sex is not the Enemy
Hanging with the Bitches
Why don’t you love Me.
Calling All Girls
Bleed Like Me
Right Between the Eyes
Space Can come Through Anyone
Nobody Can Win

Looking forward to that, no idea when it’s supposed to be out.

The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah will be out in a week and a half! I need to finish up the books i’m reading at the moment (dune messiah, children of dune, starship troopers), or i’m just gonna have to put them aside for a few days while I burn through book VI in the best series ever written. ever.
Oh, the prologue is up for all to read, here.

Also, Full Spectrum Warrior is going to be shipping next Tuesday. I preordered that, free overnight shipping, so i should have it on Wednesday. Not sure how i’m going to have time for everything, especially since I’m going to LA next weekend for my Pete’s graduation. Too many good things!

ok, sleep time. need to wake up early. why am i waking up earlier on the weekend than i do during the week? that’s just wrong…

“No,” Roland said, “a Beamquake. One of the Beams holding up the Tower — which holds up everything — just let go. Just snapped.”

mtv doing something admirable.

Friday, May 28th, 2004

MTV is going to launch a gay TV network called LOGO next year in February.
of course, right off the bat, conservative groups are saying they’ll boycott the channel, as well as publicize LOGO advertisers, not that MTV is worried:

“We don’t anticipate a huge backlash,” Freston told reporters yesterday on a conference call.

“This isn’t going to have sex and sexuality,” Freston added, explaining that LOGO would meet the standards of any basic cable channel.

Who knows if what they show will appeal to the gay/lesbian population, but it’s pretty cool that they’re actually doing something in the first place.

Now if only there was some way to get them to play music videos on TV…

the queerest of the queer

xbox live 3.0

Thursday, May 27th, 2004

there are a couple cool new xbox live things that just got released today -

Xbox Live Messenger Tab: There’s a new tab in MSN Messenger where you can see which of your friends are online playing Xbox Live, what they’re playing, what invites you have to games, if anyone has asked to be your friend, etc.

Xbox Live MSN Alerts: You can now get MSN alerts from Xbox Live. These can go to MSN Messenger, to your email, to your phone, to your smart watch, and you’ll get them whenever your choice of: Friend requests, Game invites, Friend Logons, Service Updates, and more stuff.
kinda like this:
xbox alert

cool stuff. (and again.. something which i think most of you won’t really care
about, seeing as you don’t even own xboxes)

Tycho likes Xbox Live too:

…go send a friend a voice message when you add him to your list on the Playstation 2. Oh, that’s right - no universal list, no voice messages, no built-in panel for the management of contacts. I forgot.

you gotta live on


Thursday, May 27th, 2004

damn, it’s raining like it does back home! I can hardly see across the street from my building. and of course, i parked in the gravel lot so i’ve got a bit of a hike to my car. if only i had an umbrella, or at least my leather jacket, instead of my crappy cotton jacket.

i kinda like this rain though, reminds me of home. if only there was some thunder and lightning to go along with it, but i think that’s too much to ask.

i’m only happy when it rains

it’s about time.

Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

Sweet! The first new Van Halen song in 6 years (or 8, if you exclude the travesty that was Van Halen 3 with Gary Cherone) is out now! It’s called “It’s About Time” and should be playing on the radio starting today, but i hear you can find it online if you look around. about, 3 posts down or so. that’s what i hear.
The lyrics are a bit cheesy, but Eddie can still play a mean guitar.

“It’s About Time” is going to be one of 3 new songs on The Best of Both Worlds, a Van Halen greatest hits CD that should be out July 19th.


the best part is, i don’t think anyone reading this cares but me. :)

Last Time, Wrong time
Outside, Out of line! Uh
But this time’s our time
Right On! We’ll let it shine!

things to look at.

Monday, May 24th, 2004

gish - neat 2d side scrolling physics heavy game
Troy - penny arcade liked troy too.
DDR means weight loss.
When all else fails, porn is the answer. (it’s a news story, not actual porn.)
I’m good at Tetris.

He’s leaping buildings in a single bound
I’m reading Shakespeare in my place down town

bridge: beaten.

Sunday, May 23rd, 2004

This morning I ran the Beat the Bridge race, 8 KM (or 4.97096954 miles, says Google). Tim, Mike and I did the race, Tim and I in the 2nd wave, which was for people under 40 minutes, and Mike was in the 3rd wave , 40 and over. I ran with Tim for the first couple miles, then he went on ahead - though apparently not as far ahead as I thought. I came in when the timer read 45:35, which is the time from the start of the first wave (under 35 minutes) which began 5:00 before my wave. Of course, we didn’t actually cross the Start line until around 1:10 into it, since Tim and I were back in the crowd of people, so I’m pretty sure my final time was roughly 39:25. That’s about 7:55 per mile; not bad considering I have been lazy as hell for the last 2 years or so. Tim came in at around 38:00, which is about a 7:39 minute mile.

My time probably would have been at least 30 seconds faster, but since we started back in the pack, we were held up by and had to pass hundreds of people just to get up to a regular pace, so that first mile was probably done at 9- or 10-minute mile pace.

The race was fun; I mean as fun as running 5 miles can be. I’m glad I did it, and I’m also glad and impressed Mike did too - he’s not exactly the most athletic guy, plus he’s got a bad knee which I know will be hurting like hell for the next few days. But he did it, which is the important part, and he wants to do more runs. And Rob didn’t do it, cause he’s a wussy Canadian.

Tim, Mike and I are going to do some more races this summer too, some 5 K’s (3.1 miles) which I’m much more used to - that’s the distance of a high-school cross country race. There are races basically every weekend, or every other weekend. There’s a race next weekend, though I’ll be out of town, and then on June 12th, 13th, 18th, 26th, July 3rd, etc.
I’ll do any of them, if someone else wants to do it. If you’re interested in joining us, just let me know.

still of the night, still of the night, still of the niiiight!

Saturday, May 22nd, 2004

went out to dinner for Sean’s birthday last night at p.f. changs. the food was alright, it’s pseudo-chinese-like, i had mu shu pork that was decent enough. more people are getting engaged, but they’re old, so it’s ok.

afterwards i went with jeff to the fenix underground to check out the METAL BOYZ! they were pretty funny, and not bad at playing bad hair metal from the late 80’s. They played all kinds of butt-rock, skid row, twisted sister, quiet riot, etc. The singer totally had the whole “i’m hot shit” thing going, and one of the guitarists had the whole rocking pose going, plus he was good at the guitargasm when wailing on his axe. the DJ downstairs was pretty good i guess. right after the metal boyz were done, we went downstairs, and they were playing the song from the rave right at the beginning of Blade, and some other good stuff like that. They really need to use a different visualizer though. it looks like they’re using the shitty WMP visualizers. they should switch to using winamp AVS, or Geiss, which is really nice looking.

the fenix is pretty good, though there weren’t a whole lot of people there. maybe a 1/3 full. it might be because it was the metal boyz, and not something more normal. drinks were a bit expensive though, but i’d go back again.

tonight i might go with jeff to check out the band of one of his friends from iowa, though i have to be home early since i have to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn to do the Beat the Bridge run tomorrow. The race starts at 8:30, but registration is from 7:00-7:30, so it sucks. what else sucks is that it’s most likely going to be raining tomorrow morning. that’ll be nice. guess i’ll have to take a towel and a change of clothes and shoes. oh well, it’s for the children. stupid children.

I’ve been thinking i need to get a digital camera now. it’s been about 4 years since i first said “i should get a digital camera,” and i have yet to get one, while all my friends and family - even my parents - have, so i think it’s about time. I’ve been looking at the canon s500, the newest model elph. I can get if for around $440 from Amazon, or at Costco for $470. Costco might be the better choic because from what i understand from other people, they have a lifetime guarantee on all electronics you buy at Costco; if it breaks, they’ll replace it with a comparable model at no charge. Paying $30 more might be worth it if i get a lifetime guarantee, but I’ll need to check if that’s actually how it works, they might have restrictions on certain items. I’m not entirely sure that I need the 5.3 megapixels though, so I don’t know if I really need to get the s500, or if I should go with something else. My main criteria is a small camera (that i can fit in my pocket) that takes really good quality pictures, and has good battery life, and a good set of features. I like the digital elphs, reviewed the s400 last year and said it was the best in the compact digital camera group. I don’t know about the newest crop of cameras though, so i’ll have to do some more research.

Troy in 15 minutes.

Thursday, May 20th, 2004

sorry, i was way off in my movie recap of troy.
This is much better, and pretty funny.

andy kaufman is alive…. i think

Wednesday, May 19th, 2004

apparently Andy Kaufman (the comedian Jim Carrey plays in Man on the Moon) faked his death 20 years ago. Now he has re-emerged, alive and well.
he even has a blog.

The Yahoo story says that his family had him do all kinds of DNA tests and whatnot to prove that he is really Andy Kaufman, and, well, he is. I guess it’s true, but who knows for sure.