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turn me on.

Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

i just got back from seeing norah jones at the key arena, that was a great show.
Also, Norah Jones is the perfect woman. Seriously, i think i need to capture her and make her my girl, cause she’s just great. She’s beautiful, cute and funny on stage, and she has an amazing voice, plus, she likes the Guns N Roses. She even did the Axl Rose white boy dance. I’d love to date a beautiful girl who can sing like that. Hell, i’d probably just marry her straight off. Of course, that’ll never happen, but a man can dream, can’t he? (mike, that’s a rhetorical question, the answer is yes)

Anyway, this was one of my favorite concerts I’ve been to. She played probably half songs from her new album, half from her 1st album, plus a few covers (no G’n'R though). Her voice is great, and sounds just as good live as on CD. And her band is really good too, especially the guy who played a some nice blues slide guitar on a dobro, which is an acoustic steel stringed guitar with a big ol’ hubcap looking metal plate on it, and a metal band that goes over the strings and makes them sound… “twangy.” A lot of bluegrass and blues uses dobro guitars.

Even the opening act was good, a guy named Amos Lee. I’m not sure what you classify that kind of music as, but he kinda reminded me of Jason Mraz, though a little slower and less pop than Mraz. Apparently he’s influenced by soul, folk, and blues, so whatever you get when you combine that, folky soul blues. He’s just one guy with an acoustic guitar, no band, but he’s cool and funny on stage.

So, if anyone wants to help me kidnap norah jones, just let me know. i’m formulatin’ some plans.
Also, you should go see Norah Jones in concert, though the show it’s sold out I’m sure. No, it doesn’t matter which show, they’re most likely all sold out.

my hi-fi is waitin’ for a new tune

sumfin corprit.

Monday, September 27th, 2004

Hank and Christine dragged me to watch Something Corporate (they’re a band.)at the university of washington fall fling, basically a welcome back event for students. for reasons unknown, i went, even though i don’t really like pop-punk or whatever the hell something corporate is. it wasn’t too bad, concerts are pretty much fun no matter what (unless they break your ears like black japan). I knew one song, If You See Jordan - actually, i think it’s If U C Jordan, but that’s stupid. This one girl totally wanted to have sex with Hank and the whole show, every time he’d look in her general direction she’d smile at him and giggle. it was great.

We got cheap college food ($4 for a cheeseburger, chips, and a drink) and had to navigate past the long row of booths for christian groups who were trying to brainwash invite people to join by giving away free stuff. I almost fell for it to get some kind of ball, but then I spotted the pamphlet that said something about jesus loving you and managed to escape unharmed. no bouncy ball though…


Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

kathy took some pictures at my birthday party, i put them up at iampictures
check out the piƱata, and the “rope.”

I like this picture

dark maroon tower 5 7

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004

got The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower yesterday, and read the first 50 or so pages, and i’m liking it. 800 pages of good stuff and Roland’s quest will finally be over. Hopefully Stephen King will keep writing, even if it’s not as frequent as before.

Also, I went to see Maroon 5 yesterday down at the Puyallup Fair. I ended up going on my own since a friend bailed and I couldn’t find anyone else to go. I didn’t mind too much, except for the drive since I couldn’t use the carpool lanes. I liked the concert, except they need more songs. They played everything off their CD, and were done in about an hour. I had fun though.
I did feel a little out of place thoughl; first off, the audience was full of 16 year old girls, who scream a LOT, and they make that high pitched zippy harmonic noise that hurts your ears. also, it was in Puyallup (pronounced pew-allup for non-washington folks), at a state fair, and there were some questionable people down there. like one kid who had most hardcore mullet i’ve ever seen. starting just after the top of the head starts to curve down and back he had hair that was at least a foot long. in front of that was buzzed hair at most a half inch long, no blending or anything, just short hair straight to long long hair. it was terrible. and yet awesome…

hile gunslinger!

mini’s gonna fuck you up!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004

these concept photos from Mini showed up on the UK press photo page today. that is the most pissed off looking car i’ve seen. It looks like it’s going to scoop up your dog and eat it. I thought Minis wer supposed to be cute.

from gizmodo

petals around the rose.

Monday, September 20th, 2004

here’s a neat puzzle/game for you to figure out.
all i will you is the name of the game is “Petals around the rose“, the name is important, and the answer is always even (or 0).

oh, and mute your speakers, there’s god-awful midi music.

you can also read a story of how bill gates tackled the problem 27 years ago when he first saw it.


Monday, September 20th, 2004

who does searches for “pictures of roselyn sanchez during off hours” and why am i the number 5 hit for that?
i mentioned her one time (make that two, now) when i was talking about the latin grammy’s, and somehow pieced together with a post about Built to Spill showing no emotion during the set, taking pictures of MASS, and cutting your hand off, that becomes the 5th reseult for the above search.

I had this weird dream last night, where for some random reason, i was asked to do a comedy routine. i should not be a comedian, or at least not an improv comic. even in my dream i sucked. of course, i was having trouble at the time getting my arm through the sleeve of the shirt I was wearing, which seemed like it was 2 sizes too small, and I was going on after some guy who was really funny. also there were lots of battleships stationed in the bay near my house, preparing to go to war. and Trevor for some reason had two research students working for him, but only for a week so he couldn’t hang out with me.
yeah, it was kinda weird.

saddam hussein has it so good!

Saturday, September 18th, 2004

i was just reading an article in the NYTimes about what saddam is doing at the moment, and his living quarters are bigger than the bedroom i had back at 1331 geddes, juior year. according to the article, “Hussein is living in an air-conditioned 10-by-13 foot cell on the grounds of one of his former palaces outside Baghdad, tending plants, proclaiming himself Iraq’s lawful ruler, and reading the Koran and books about past Arab glory.” That doesn’t sound too bad, while I had 7-by-13 foot cell room that i’m convinced was what used to be the porch, just walled in. My closet was just the corner under the stairs with a dowel rod and a curtain hanging in front of it. and the worst part was, i was paying the same amount for my room as everyone else, including sunil, who had a room twice as big as mine, plus a walk in closet.

the rest of the article was pretty interesting as well, but that’s not important.


Friday, September 17th, 2004

hazelnut 2002-2003
charlotte 2002-2003
nutmeg 2002-2004
emily 2002-2004


Thursday, September 16th, 2004

i don’t usually like taking drugs, even prescription drugs, since i think doctors tend to overmedicate their patients just to get them to shut up. (for example, my doctor prescribed both amoxicillin and some allergy medicine fior me). i feel like somehow i will singelhandedly be the cause of the uprising of anti-bacteria immune diseases and microbes that will take over the world, invader zim style. but, this time, i’m all about the Rx. i went to the doctor last friday and got prescribed Augmentin, which is amoxicillin, and the allergy stuff. I decided to take the antibiotics first, and if that didn’t work, then i’d take the allergy stuff. So, I started taking the amoxicillin on Sunday afternoon (i didn’t want to start off the prescription with a night of drinking, so i waited a day). by monday evening my throat was feeling pretty much a-ok. i’m still coughing a little bit right now, but my throat feels wonderful, better than it has in the last 3 weeks. Looks like i won’t be taking the allergy medicine.

If you were to look up “the shit” in the dictionary, you would likely find this picture next to the definition.

Burnout 3 is really really fun. i’ve been staying up past 2 in the morning playing it pretty much since i got it, except for when i had stuff to do like have a party. Well, i’ve also been staying up because i have to take the drugs at 12 hour intervals, and i started taking it around 4pm on sunday (i’m s-m-r-t) and i’ve been trying to shift it over to 10 or 11 am/pm by doing 11 hour increments, and i took it late yesterday, so i had to go back to 2:30 last night. i’m currently at 12:30, by tomorrow i should be at reasonable times.
Burnout 3: Takedown is basically the funnest part of most racing games - going hella fast and crashing. oh, and making your opponents crash by slamming them into walls, cars, fences, etc. you get small amounts of boost by doing dangerous things - drifting around corners, driving toward oncoming traffic, and narrowly avoiding other cars, and you get a full boost meter plus a bonus if you “takedown” an opponent.
i’m having a lot of fun with pretty much all the modes, all except for Burning Lap, which is just your car doing a time trial on the course; no one else to crash, in fact you don’t want to crash, or it’s impossible to get a gold. And i must have gold.
You’ve got your basic Race - 6 car race to the finish;
Road Rage (my favorite) - you drive around the course, and your goal is to Takedown your opponents as often as possible (i.e. bronze for 6 takedowns, sliver for 10, gold for 15);
Crash Junction - you start a little ways away from an intersection or highway, and your goal is to cause the most expensive crash possible. There are crash powerups you can pick up like cash bonuses, speed boosts, score multipliers (2x and 4x), and a Crashbreaker which can be triggered by involving enough cars in the wreck, or picking up a crashbreaker powerup. Crashbreaker basically just explodes your car in a huge fireball and launches it into the air. While your car is crashing, you can hold down A to slow down time and you can use Aftertouch to maneuver your car as it’s flipping and flying around so that it’ll hit more cars, or to pick up more powerups. Aftertouch also works in non-crash gametypes so you can try to hit your opponents. Doing so scores you an Aftertouch Takedown, so crashing isn’t always a bad thing.
Burning lap, explained above.
Face-Off - you against one opponent, in a car you don’t have - if you win, you unlock that car.
Your reward for doing well is unlocking cars and more events, and there are a shit-ton of goals to get. First you’ve got your regular gold medal on every race. As you get more gold medals, you’ll be awarded a car every once in a whiel (20, 40, all golds on races, all golds on crashes, etc).
Then for crash mode, once you’ve accumulated enough crash money, you’ll unlock a big crash-worthy car (say, $50,000,000 unlocks a UPS style delivery truck). Also, if you top a certain threshold on each location, you’ll get a crash headline (i.e. “Massive crash shuts down pier” if you get $750,000+ on Waterfront). Get all the headlines, and you get.. that’s right, a new car (the fire engine in this case, nice!)
Then you’ve got Signature Takedowns - these are takedowns in specific locations on the courses; slamming someone into the wall near the dock gets you “Ship Wreck”, and crashing someone in the right tunnel on a few tracks gets you “Tunnel of Shove.” When you performe one, you earn a picture of the crash; collect all the pictures, and you can guess what you are awarded.
There are Special Events which are usually hot laps with special cars (F1 racer, NASCAR type car, cars from Burnout 2). When you get gold on a special event, you’ll get a Postcard from that event. I’ll leave it as an exercise to the reader as to what you get for collecting all the postcards.
There are also takedown challenges, which are global for all races. There are four levels ranging from beginner (get 5 takedowns in a race. get your first revenge takedown, etc.) to the advanced ones (get 40 takedowns in a road rage, get 3 bus crashes in one race). once you complete all the challenges at each level, new car. basically, there are lot sof cars to get.

And that’s just the single player, for which i’ve surely missed a lot. Burnout 3 has online play on Live, which is pretty cool too (though i prefer single player, since i’m generally playing with random people). Race - up to 6 player race, Road Rage - up to 6 players, red team vs. blue team, blue team flees, red team tries to takedown blue team before they reach the end; Party Crash - up to 8 people, everyone does a crash event, highest score wins. Double Impact - 2 players, on the same crash, try to get more than the other guy, and Team Crush, which is a cooperative version of double impact.

all in all, burnout 3 is ok. well, i guess it’s a little better than that…

does the noise in my head bother you?