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foot in mouth.

Thursday, September 29th, 2005

I managed to completly make an ass of myself in tonight. i totally had no clue whatsoever that a guy i know was no longer getting married. this decision was made in JANUARY. 8 months ago. even better, i brought it up in front of the girl he may or may not be dating, at his birthday party outing. I kick ass.
(for the lord.)

another friend also managed to make an ass of themselves in a completely different situation. good times all around.

In other news, i bought a bunch of stuff recently.
books -
joann got me a couple books for my birthday - Jon Stewart’s America and Flight Vol. 2. America is funny and good, and Flight is beautiful - it’s the second volume of a collection of comics from webcomic artists loosely based around the idea of Flight. There is some really pretty art in there. Thanks!
I bought myself a couple programming books - not so exciting, but useful. The C Programming Language, and Programming Pearls. woo!
And I also bought Cory Doctorow’s Eastern Standard Tribe. should be good. I’ve been reading the first few chapters of his next book on Salon, I like it so far.

Dvds - I finally bought the box set of the first/only season of Firefly. I watched all the episodes earlier this year, borrowed from a coworker, but I wanted to have my own copy, it’s that good. And the Serenity movie comes out on Friday, wooo! It’s gonna kick ass
I also ordered the box set Vol. 2 of the Director’s Label DVD series I mentioned a week or two ago. Those should be getting here next week sometime. 4 DVDs of videos… awesome.

CDs - a bunch here…
Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions - haven’t listened to this one yet, actually. But her newer CD was good, so this’ll probably be good too. She’s gonna be at the Paramount in November, i’ll probably check her out then.

Citizen Cope - The Clarence Greenwood Recordings - I already had the whole CD on my PC at work, so i thought i should buy it since i listen to it a bunch. He’s really good, you should check him out if you’ve never heard him before.

Royksopp - Melody A.M. - I like it. Chill electronic music (apparently downtempo?). I don’t really know how to describe electronic music, but you could play this album while you had people over for dinner, it’s not so much dance music, but it’s good in the background. I saw them at the showbox a week or two ago, they were really good. A lot more dance-club sounding than you’d expect from this CD, and it was an excellent show.

Death Cab for Cutie - Plans - totally not my usual thing, but I wanted to “expand my horizons” a bit. Also now i can pretend to be a music snob! oh wait no, i’ve seen kid rock in concert. twice. also nickelback, and aerosmith, and sammy hagar & david lee roth, and van halen (with gary sherone and with sammy). Plus i saw death cab last week at a katrina benefit show at the Showbox and they were quite good. Better than Harvey Danger, who didn’t even play Flagpole Sitta, the only harvey danger song i know.

Foo Fighters - In Your Honor - it’s a double CD, one rockin, one acoustic. I’ve only heard the first cd (rock) and a couple songs off the 2nd (acoustic). I like the rock stuff for the most part, the acoustic is a little too acoustic for me, but i’ve got 8 songs left yet. I’ve always liked the foo fighters, though never have i bought one of their CDs. They’re in general a really good rock band, not amazing in any way, but they always have good rockin’ songs, and they’re goofy and have funny videos so that’s good. I really like the song DOA, track 4 from the rock CD.
Dane Cook - Retaliation - haven’t listened to it yet but his first Cd was god damned hilarious. This is a 2 CD + DVD set. Bob says it’s funny. I wish he would tour in Seattle…

well i’m tired.

step one - slit my throat

free wifi is fun.

Wednesday, September 28th, 2005

so i’m sitting in my chevy dealer waiting for my car which is getting an oil change, and they have free wifi here, which is nice. i’m glad more places are starting to offer wifi, and offer it for free. It’s a pretty handy service to have for your customers and it doesn’t really cost you anything other than the price of a wireless router.

If you live or hang out in seattle, there’s a service called getlocal that does free wifi in a number of places around the city. it works, and it’s free, sponsored by the businesses with which they partner. Plus they send you coupons and specials in email for said business. not always useful, but it’s not that bad really.

the places that make you sign up for some ridiculous $50 a month service to get free wifi, they suck.

what i’m saying is free wifi is good, and more places need to have it.

it’s a shame we have to die my dear

new directors label series!

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

awesome! 4 more dvds in the Directors Series are coming out this month.
the first three, covering Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, and Chris Cunningham were pretty awesome, I’ll be picking up the next 4 once they’re out.
vol 4 is Anton Corbijn, vol 5. covers Jonathan Glazer, vol 6. is Mark Romanek, and vol 7. Stephane Senaoui.
Corbijn has directed videos by U2, Metallica, Nirvana, The Killers, and a bunch of others.
Glazer directed radiohead, Jamiroquai, UNKLE, massive attack, plus a bunch of commercials, the movie sexy beast…
Romanek directed RHCP, NIN, Audioslave, Linkin Park, Jay Z, Madonna…
Senaoui has RHCP, Bjork, Garbage, U2, and more under his belt.

it’s gonna be cool.

I love noise and this life that it makes

the king.

Sunday, September 18th, 2005

stephen king i mean.
a few weeks ago i got an email from mentinioning that there was going to be an auction (in support of the First Amendment Project) to get the chance to be a character in stephen king’s next book “Cell.” When i saw that i thought it might be cool, but i knew i wouldn’t have enough money to bid $5000 or however much the winning bid would be. It appears I was a bit low on my estimate.
The auction started on September 8th, at $9.99. Today is the last day of the auction, and with 6 hours, 50 minutes left it’s at $25,000.
check it out.

well i guess we’re gonna have to take control

sci-fi reading on the nets.

Monday, September 12th, 2005

Couple things i found today:

Cory Doctorow is publishing the first 10 chapters of his nex book Themepunks on They’ll be going up every monday for the next 10 weeks. I liked the first chapter, we’ll see how the rest is.
I don’t know how to describe Doctorow’s style. it’s not really sci-fi, it’s just fiction, set in the near future with some sci-fi gadgets and ideas in it. Take a regular fiction story and set it in 2050 and that’s basically how it feels.

Also, 365 tomorrows is a project to publish one piece of short speculative fiction a day for a year. it started on august 1st, so there’s a bit of catchup to do, but each one is only a page or two long, and it’s all pretty neat fun stuff.

both via

follow me into the desert

parents who are gamers.

Friday, September 9th, 2005

here is a pretty good article on MSNBC about parents in the video game industry and how they deal with their kids and video games. interesting read, they’re all pretty reasonable people, since they know what video games actually are, and that they’re not satanic death tools of hell. if only we could somehow educate all parents about games in this way…

Referencing the uproar over the “Hot Coffee” code modification that allowed owners of the PC version of the “M-for-Mature”-rated “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” to access hidden sex scenes, Brathwaite was mystified.

“When Hot Coffee erupted into a big story I was wondering why all the parents were irate,” she said. “What are you doing with the game in the first place?”

also holy crap too many people are coming tonight.

mr. officer, if you come to take her
then that means one of us, goan’ end up in the stretcher.

things n’ stuff.

Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

I haven’t felt much like writing lately, i’ve been pretty tired.
I moved, then parents were in town for 10 days, then I watched Pow and Oscar for 6 days, now my brother is in town for 10 days, and I gotta figure out when my aunt and her friend will come visit… I love my family, but I don’t really want any more of them around at the moment.
I haven’t really had time to organize my place yet, or figure out what I want to do to make it look better. I need to buy some furniture, throw some more things out, sort through papers and boxes and more, and I just haven’t had the chance to do it.

I went to bumbershoot last weekend and saw some pretty good bands. All in all i didn’t like it as much as last year, there weren’t as many random cool bands around, or good bands i wanted to see.
Garbage was on Friday, they were really good. They cancelled the concert they were scheduled for back in March or April so i’m glad i got to see them.
Saturday I saw Citizen Cope, he was great too. I also saw Minus the Bear with Mark and Kathryn later at night, and while they’re not quite my thing, they were pretty good. We caught Digable Planets on the way out and i thought they were alright, but i had no idea what to expect really.
Sunday I saw The Pharycyde who were fun, but i probably won’t listen to them much. I was curious, i thought they were more like Jurassic 5 but not so much. I checked out a couple other bands just walking around randomly, but nothing caught my eye really
Monday I saw The Decemberists in the morning, they were good, but not my thing. Lots of different instruments, and a fun sea shanty type song at the end, but they’re too much of the nerd rock thing for me - too much nerd, not enough rock. I watched a couple comedians - Paul Gilmartin and Patton Oswalt - with my bro, Jim, Eric, Kelly, Sarah, and Tom. They were both really funny, and worth missing Dashboard Confessional for, though it meant not hanging out with other friends. Afterwards Bryan and I went home for a bit, had dinner, then met up with Alex, Kathryn and Anna to check out Tegan and Sara, who were cool. I think i should pick up their newest CD, I like their stuff.

I took pictures of Bumbershoot which will be uploaded sometime.

Now it’s back to work after the weekend and my housewarming party is this friday night so i gotta prepare for that.

I was walking with a ghost