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woo michigan.

Friday, July 29th, 2005

U-M just won the North American Solar Challenge!
One of the lame U-M’s (minnesota) placed second, 12 minutes behind Michigan, and MIT was 2.5 hours behind them.
Hail to the victors, the champions of the [mid]west.

Also some crazy guy is praying to god to help the Detroit auto industry.

both via autoblog.

what we got here is failure to communicate.

oh no, the internet is invading.

Sunday, July 24th, 2005

i made a couple posts about system of a down having bad lyrics. now, a mere month later, something seems to have prompted a few people to descend upon my site and post some comments on how i’m an idiot because i have an opinion they don’t like. i doubt you’re interested, but feel free to read along with the fun times.

honestly these people aren’t that bad, they spell at least 80% of the words correctly and only have some basic flaws in their logic. haven’t had any people say “OMG SOAD ROKS U SUX0R!1″ hopefully it’ll remain that way. also i hope these people, wherever they’re from, will respect my site enough to not flood me with stupid posts. i’d rather keep it at a reasonably intelligent level of discussion.

new pictures.

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

first some random pictures of Alki Beach from a couple months ago.

Sean and Emily’s wedding.

Warped Tour 2005, out at the Gorge.

And finally my new condo.

hopefully nobody minds that i removed all comments in the pictures. some ass from new orleans with the IP posted a bunch of stupid shit.

heh, i didn’t even know i had comments available in the first place.

hey baby can you bleed like me.

this is why we make the big bucks.

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

a conversation i had with a friend, who will remain anonymous to protect the innocent.

Anonymous says:
iamkevin.360 says:
Anonymous says:
where was that thing again
iamkevin.360 says:
which thing?
Anonymous says:
the winamp thing
iamkevin.360 says:
in your secret share
iamkevin.360 says:
[share location]
iamkevin.360 says:
iamkevin.360 says:
Anonymous says:
and where does it go
iamkevin.360 says:
c:\program files\winamp\plugins\
Anonymous says:
i dont have that folder
iamkevin.360 says:
do you have winamp?
Anonymous says:
iamkevin.360 says:
that’s step one
Anonymous says:
iamkevin.360 says:
iamkevin.360 says:

google maps is not infallible.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005

so first read this cute li’l story:
Guy uses Google Maps in court to beat a traffic ticket

now check out these here google maps directions:
redmond, wa, to 4th and vine, 98121

Vine is one way, in the opposite direction that Google maps tells you to go.
So good job on beating the ticket, but don’t always trust Google Maps to tell you the right way to go.
Not that is right either. Looks like Streets and trips tells you the same thing to do. But in between 4th and 5th, Vine is one way going North East.
Mapquest is wrong too.
and yahoo maps.

apparently somewhere there is faulty information about that specific 100 yd. stretch of vine st.

alright stop, collaborate and listen.

Henry Kloss is cool.

Monday, July 18th, 2005

Tivoli Audio sells some beautiful radios.
They aren’t anything new: I first heard about the Model One, a very well designed single speaker AM/FM radio about 5 years ago when it was created by Henry Kloss, inventor of, among other things, the large screen projection TV. I thought it was a really nice looking radio, but
it was mono, and didn’t have a cd player, so i wasn’t so interested. Plus there were more things on which I could spend $100 as a college student. A little while later they came out with the Model Two, the stereo version, and I knew that eventually I’d have to buy one. Now there’s the Model CD and Model Subwoofer to complete the set.
The Model Three clock radio might be a better idea, since I already have a stereo set-up for the living room, and my alarm clock is the same one i’ve had since i was in high school, and it’s not working so well. I could get the Model Three and the Dual Alarm Speaker, and the CD and Sub for a nice bedroom radio.

So you know, if you were looking around for a housewarming gift for me, you could pick me up one of these. :) They’re all sold separately, and there’s no cost benefit to buying them as a package, except maybe shipping.
I’ll likely wait until I have a bit of money saved up before I buy any of this, what with the whole spending a couple bucks on a new condo.

Not much is new, I did Puzzle Safari on Saturday, ran around and solved puzzles for 6 hours. Our team came in 20th out of 63 which isn’t too bad.

Hank had a housewarming party later that night, he’s got a really nice condo.

I’m gonna go inspect my place on Tuesday, I’ll take some pictures and post them sometime.

i’m gonna ghost town
this motown.

optimus (prime) keyboard.

Thursday, July 14th, 2005

(it’s a little funny/lame that when i saw this keyboard the first thing I thought was “that’s badass”)
The Optimus Keyboard is pretty cool. Every key on this keyboard, designed by the Art Lebedev studio in Moscow, is a tiny standalone display that shows the function of said key. in other words every single key is a 32×32 or 64×64 LCD (or maybe OLED?) that can show a letter, an image, a word, or whatever you want, showing what it’s used for.

It’s a really cool idea - you have one universal keyboard that works in all languages, for all games, and you never have to do anything. It even has a bank of buttons on the left side that you can customize to launch different apps and put the icon on the button. If you want to type in a different language, just change the keys to display that languages keyset.
Plus, they have examples of program customized keysets - for Photoshop change the keys to show the icon of the command for each shortcut key. For a game like Quake you can replace WASD with an Up, Left, Down, Middle button, and use each weapon’s icon in place of 1-9, show a grenade on G, change “Shift” to Run/Walk, etc.

This is even better than the ZBoard, which is a pretty neat idea in itself. But with a keyboard like this one, you just buy one device, instead of the base keyboard and the customized keysets that the Zboard needs. The Optimus keyboard takes it one step further and customizes the entire thing. Hopefully this design will come to fruition in the near future. Except they accidentally put an Option key on it instead of a windows button.


City’s breaking down on a camel’s back.


Wednesday, July 13th, 2005 is 10 years old. wooo.
Stephen King posted the first chapter of a work in progress on for their users.
check it yo. The Pulse, from what currently has Cell as the working title.

warped tour.

Monday, July 11th, 2005

Saturday i drove out to the gorge with some friends to go to the Warped Tour. I mainly went to see The Offspring, since i didn’t know despite my lack of interest in punk music in general, it was really fun.
I saw a bunch of bands I had never seen before (or heard), among them No Use For A Name, My Chemical Romance, Atreyu, Drop Kick Murphys, the Transplants, All American Rejects, and I don’t remember who else. I also learned that sandals + mosh pit = not fun for the feet. Miraculously i didn’t break any toes, or even toenails, but next time i go to a concert i’m wearing boots. I really dont know what i was thinking, I guess i didn’t think i was going to be down in the pit for every single band we saw. But it was still really fun, maybe i’ll go back next year, and i’m looking forward to bumbershoot, the music festival that takes place over labor day weekend around the space needle and seattle center.

oh also i bought a condo.

Evolution: chance or God? does it matter?

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

I read an article (Finding Design in Nature)in the NYTimes dealing with the Catholic Church’s view on Evolution. It mentioned that Pope JP Deuce is often quoted as saying that evolution is “more than a hypothesis” and take that to mean that the Catholic church in some way accepts the scientific idea of evolution. However, it goes on to explain that the church’s real stance on evolution is that essentially the development of life has a final purpose or design, and that they do not accept the view of Darwinian random chance evolution.

The thing is, why can’t we all just agree to let it go and let everyone believe what they will? It’s all the same in the end. For example, those who believe in Darwinian evolution say that chance or luck are what determines the differences in race, and that survival of the fittest determines which designs go on to define the species. Catholics on the other hand believe that it is God who is determining what happens to a species over time, and that he has a final design. In the end though, the same unsuccessful versions of a species die off, due either to bad luck or God deeming that they were not his final design, so isn’t it just a fight over semantics? Those animals still existed at some point, you can’t deny that (i hope) so whether it was god or nature, the outcome is the same.
As long as it’s not something that affects you in a personal way, I don’t understand why people on both sides of the argument have to fight so much over it. Obviously I only hear about (or am annoyed at) what the religious side of the argument does like putting stickers in grade school science books saying “evolution is only a theory” - an act that was later overruled and the stickers removed - but it stands to reason that people who believe in evolution do similar things to those who believe in the Catholic point of view. It’s like reading a book in two different languages and arguing that my book is better cause it’s in Spanish and your book in French sucks. it’s the same story in the end, plus it was probably written in German to begin with.

Basicall it all boils down to me being sick of all the unnecessary fighting that happens in the world. fucking terrorism and racism and religous bigotry.

back to xbox.

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